The Tour de France 2018

Your guide to the 2018 tour and all it has to offer

With the 2018 tour just around the corner the hype surrounding this tour is certainly at an all-time high, with promises of being ‘the best tour yet’, the cycling community braces itself for the 105th Tour De France. As the most prestigious world cycling tour beckons, it is important to know who to look out for heading in to the race itself and each of the stages. With superstars such as Chris Froome, Nairo Quintana, and Fabio Aru to name a few, this tour offers the very best of what world cycling has to offer. You can be sure that as the tour nears, more and more cyclists will take to the roads nationwide feeling inspired by the races taking place overseas.

What Can Cycling Do for You?

Cycling is a fantastic way of getting fitter without feeling like a chore or forced activity. With accessibility being granted simply by owning a bike, the roads become your playground. Cycling regularly can offer fantastic benefits such as increased fitness & flexibility, massive reduction in stress levels and leads to a healthier mind and lifestyle. Wether you’re competing in the mountainous regions of Le Col de Madeleine or the perhaps more forgiving roads of the British countryside; cycling provides the same benefits no matter what the level. In the workplace cyclists will undoubtedly be the more productive memebers of your team, with clear focus and drive to achieve it is easy to spot a regular cyclist from a crowd.

How Does Cycling Benefit the Workplace?

By getting the team involved in cycling there will be an obvious and quick improvement in the overall productivity of any workforce. As mentioned above cycling frees up the mind and decreases stress; this leaves more time and positive energy to be directed in to an individual’s work. Cycling events could be the key to reaping the rewards of a corporate event and are easier to put on than you may think. Rampage Events have unique access to the Lee Valley Velo Park (The Olympic Velodrome) to host events tailored to suit your specific needs. With adaptable sessions on the track for all group sizes and abilities; the velodrome boasts a venue like no other. With further opportunities to host workshops and speeches from Olympic cycling champions your day will be sure to boost morale and severely increase productivity.