Productivity Through Events

The importance of events when aiming to increase productivity

For many years now businesses have been investigating the role events can play when trying to increase productivity in the work place; looking to work smart not hard. Putting on a successful event has a vast array of benefits. Research has shown that events break down the formal barriers subconsciously experienced in the workplace and give employees a feeling of freedom to fully converse with each-other; this will transfer in to the office and in turn to more creative, free flowing ideas. Further research has shown that having a friend at work can increase engagement with work by up to 50%. Breaking down social barriers in the office is key; and a good event is the driving force to a more productive, profitable office.

How to put on the right event

So, what’s the perfect event? No employees want to be awkwardly forced to spend an entire day with the person they’ve made small talk with twice at the photocopier. It’s all about focusing the employees on the event and allowing the bond to be built in a more natural manner. Physical activities release endorphins putting them in a much better mood and making them far more likely to be sociable with one another and lays the groundwork for idea sharing and positivity in the workplace. Whilst there’s all the research to suggest that events have enormous benefits, events are quite simply a fun, engaging way to bring a group together to get the best out of each individual.

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